Template Shopreview-Modul

Please do not change the template files without knowledge in HTML and CSS.
If you want individual changes or an individual template, please contact us.
Write an e-mail to: webmaster@web4design.de


Attention: You have to use a FTP programm to edit the files.

you will find the template files at the following path:



Further Template-Folder


New (since version 4.17): Create your own Templates-Styles folders, which will not be overwritten during the update.

Version 4.17 introduces a new style system.
This will replace the variant with the file name "own_".

In the folder "templates" there is a new subfolder with the name "tstyles"

Copies of the files of the original template can be saved and individually edited in this folder.

The template "tstyles/web4d-standardd" serves as a template.
The main color "blue/grey" of the template can be changed quickly and easily in the file "tstyles/web4d/stylesheetbox.css".

.maincolorlight {
background: #efefef !important;
color:#000 !important;

.maincolordark {
background: #0498ce !important;
color:#fff !important;

New (since version 4.13): Create own language templates, which not be overwritten after an update

Path to the language folders: mailhive/configbeez/config_shopvoting/lang/

Create your own files like the following one:

New (since version 4.03): Create own templates, which not be overwritten after an update.

Changes to template files are previously automatically overwritten. Since version 4.03 of Shopreview-Module you can create own template files. They will not overwritten after an update. However, new features from the original template must be installed yourself.

Your own files must have the following "own_" as a part of the filename.

Create your own files like the following one:

Further Template-Folder