Installattion Shopreview-Modul

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For Shopsystem


The Shopreview-Modul is integrated in the Gambio GX 2.3 Shopsystem. It is not necessary to upload and install it separately.

It is important, that the MailBeez basic system is installed (Menu "MailBeez" » start installer)

Activate the Shopreview-Modul

  1. Go to the administration of your shop.
  2. Open MailBeez->Configuration.
  3. Click on the Shop Reviews and there on "Installation".
  4. Click on "manage shop reviews".
  5. Go to "configuration" and set "Activate Shop-Reviews" to "Yes".
  6. Save the settings.

Finish - The Shopreview-Modul is active.


If you do not see the box or template changes, please go to:

=> Toolbox / Clear cache

And clear the cache "Empty Page Output Cache" and "Empty Modules Cache"


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