Shopreview-Modul Version 3.0 in cooperation with MailBeez

The cooperation

We want that many store owners are be able to use our Shopreview-Modul, so we have started a cooperation with MailBeez



It is not allowed to use parts of or the whole manual on other sites.

The free Shopreview-Modul includes three backlinks, one on the Shopreview-Modul-Box and two on the Shopreview-Modul-Page (footer). It is not allowed to modified or remove the backlinks. If you want to remove the backlinks, please contact us:

Information abount the links

The link at the shopreviewbox is hidden, but it is also there. You can change the option at the template settings and it will appear. Many users have no problem with the link (for the free development and use of the module), but they did not want the link in the box. The other links are at the bottom of the shopreview-page. You can change the color of the link in the stylesheet file.


Pros of the cooperation

Kooperation Shopbewertungsmodul und MailBeez



Thanks to

A thank you goes to the following persons / websites, because they finance a part of the module to share it with others:



This free module is distributed under the GPL. You do not have a right of free support or a version without mistakes. Use at your own risk. Please backup your shop files and database before you install the module.